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Danaé & Gwen portrait black and white for le Vide Poche



Two graduates from the EESAB Rennes in Graphic Design and Product Design who decided to be suited for each other for life...and work!
Showing our creations is important, but it is also just as relevant to learn more about the personalities behind them :


Gwenaël graduated in Product Design at the EESAB Rennes and from the  ESC Business School of Rennes in Cultural Project Management.

Eager to learn and consistently wandering within the visual communication classroom, he naturally added graphic design to his skills.


A never-ending curiosity drove his personnal art researches to folding technics, from paper to other materials. Poet of the pleats, he won’t let you leave without a small origami materialized from a napkin, a subway ticket or the restaurant bill!


Danaé graduated in Graphic Design at the EESAB Rennes, and in Cinema at Rennes 2 University. 
She divides her time between  freelance  projects in graphic design and contracts in the written press & print media, a domain she has been exploring for the past 10 years.

Amid those moments, lies a lot of tea drinking, multiple knitting projects and movie sessions, exhibitions and photographies.

Art is cultivated at different levels, it is essential to keep our eyes open.

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